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Gustavo Moreno

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Hello, I'm Gustavo Moreno. I'm excited about programming and app development. I'm passionate about tackling technical challenges and discovering creative solutions. I enjoy the serenity of Tai Chi and immersing myself in nature through hikes. I'm excited about working with teams of programmers who are very skilled professionals. Feel free to get in touch with me to learn more about my experiences and projects!


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Just the Lyrics - A lyrics finder app

This app provides free access to a wide variety of song lyrics. Users can save and read the lyrics of their favorite songs offline. It offers a collection of lyrics, along with album cover images of favorite artists. Users could also make a favorites list. They can share with friends through various platforms.
Developed in Flutter with state management using Bloc 8.

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Background remove and edit images

I have refactored this app and included new features. Introducing a versatile photo editing application equipped with advanced features. Unleash your creativity with a background remover, write text on photo. AI art generated, stickers. Use an AI-powered background removal tool for seamless results. Collages, enhance your images with a diverse range of emojis. Manipulate visuals by rotating, flipping, and resizing. Fine-tune colors, opacity, and apply a spectrum of filters and color effects. Save and share your creations on social media platforms. Elevate your photos with a range of customizable frames.

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Office File Converter - PDF

Introducing Office File Converter, an efficient document management and conversion tool developed using Flutterflow, a powerful framework for building user-friendly applications. With Office File Converter, managing and transforming documents has never been easier. Seamlessly select files from your Android file app and effortlessly convert them into a variety of formats, such as PDF, ODT, and popular image formats like PNG and JPG.
This versatile tool enables you to transition between Office and LibreOffice formats with utmost ease. Convert PDFs to editable documents, eBooks to PDFs, or even transform PDFs into image files. The convenience extends to saving documents directly on your device, along with straightforward PDF handling, including conversions to DOCX, ODT, various image formats, and the capability to split and merge PDF files.
In addition to its document conversion prowess, Office File Converter simplifies spreadsheet tasks by enabling conversions between Excel and CSV formats. Moreover, you can generate HTML directly from spreadsheets, facilitating seamless web integration.
Sharing your converted documents is a breeze, thanks to the integration with your device's installed apps. The Office File Converter app is designed with an intuitive user experience and a minimalist interface reminiscent of classic applications. The app operates with the support of an OpenOffice server in the backend, ensuring optimal performance and reliability throughout the conversion process.
Experience the future of document management and conversion with Office File Converter, developed using Flutterflow, and streamline your workflow like never before.

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Heavy Metal Radio Stations

I also developed this application. Experience audio without interruptions, even when your screen is off, whether you're connected to WiFi or using mobile data. Enjoy extended battery life without the hassle of sudden streaming interruptions. Enjoy control over sound focus, ensuring coexistence with other audio apps and incoming calls. Visualize generic station images that transform into album covers when available in the database. Get instant access to band and song titles if needed. Select from a variety of trend-driven sub-genre stations. Keep track of your music journey with a consolidated list of played songs, complete with artist names and song titles. My second app. Developed in Java.

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EDM Music Dance Videos

The first app I programmed to display linked YouTube video playlists. It served as a template for programming another one that is available on the developer's page. With ElectroDance Videos, you'll enjoy a range of features including a dance video playlist, expandable video details, an integrated player, a favorites tab, an in-app search function, and the option for full-screen vertical or horizontal viewing. In the expandable details section of each video, you can mark or unmark as favorites, share the YouTube source with friends.

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Other Projects

Blog La Enredadera Free

This is the blog where I've been writing in spanish since 2013. It has been hosted on a VPS ever since.

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My public source code Free

The Git repository where I publish some source code. The majority of my code is stored in private self-hosted git repositories.


Work Experience

Freelance Developer - One Person Business (2019 - Present)

Developed independent Android applications using Java, Kotlin, and Flutter, with multiple solo projects on Google Play. Proficient in Firebase, Strapi, and Docker. Created self-hosted Node.js APIs on cloud servers. Skilled in refactoring third-party source code. Crafted app descriptions, keywords, and managed email and remote communication. Executed cost-effective Adsense and Facebook Ads campaigns for app installations.

Sysadmin & Devops - Civiciti (March- May 2017)

Experience in managing and optimizing AWS cloud infrastructures, including server configuration and scalability. Proficient in automating processes using configuration management tools. Skillful in writing IT procedure documentation in English. Familiarity with Kanban.

Linux System Administrator - Sant Andreu de la Barca City Hall (March- August 2016)

Led City Hall website implementation, launched Intranet for document management and cloud storage. Created service docs, delivered IT support. Organized user tech help, managed web servers, and introduced open-source solutions. Skillful project planning and team cohesion through leadership.


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